Hydro-Power Generation

HASA has a concession period of 50 years to operate the Ameghino hydroelectric power plant situated 120 km southwest of Trelew city in Chubut province. The concession began in 1994. The concession covers both electricity generation at the dam, as well as river flow and flood control, up- and down-stream. The plan, which was commissioned in 1968, has installed capacity of 60MW and generated approximately 91.9 GWH in 2012, 16.2% lower than 2011. The company has a staff of 24 employees.

The plant has low capex and maintenance requirements. All electricity generated is currently sold to CAMMESA (National Grid). For further information on HASA, please visit www.hidroameghino.com.ar

The Noetzli-Alcorta type dam is 255 meters wide and is formed of 25 modules, each 10 metres wide and 70 metres high. The concrete foundation of the modules is up to 40 metres below ground level. There are 2 vertical-axis Francis turbines installed in the engine room, each with 29.20 MVA generation capacity. The required water flow for maximum generation is 110 M3/sec, although it is currently limited to a daily average value of 70 M3/sec until the Province carries out the necessary dredging works downstream. The reservoir is 80 km long, has a surface area of 7,400 km2 and a storage capacity of 1,855 HM3. It receives water from the Chico and Chubut rivers. Electricity is generated at a voltage of 1.2 kV and is increased locally to 132 kV to for transmission through the National Grid.

Estimated Basin Area 29,400 Km2
Average Annual River Flow 47 M3/sec
Maximum Daily Flow (08/07/2004) 720 M3/sec
Minimum Daily Flow (02/1999) 4 M3/sec
Maximum Monthly Flow 902 HM3