Andina PLC announces two new board members and a new company secretary

London, UK, July 1, 2021. ANDINA PLC, a British energy company which specializes in the development of attractive opportunities in the electricity and regulated service sectors, is pleased to announce the arrival to its Board of Directors of two new board members and a new Company Secretary who will each help take advantage of Andina´s new opportunities and further strengthen its Board & Corporate Leadership which already includes Neil  leasdale, Marcelo Comba, Julian Collins and Jorge Rosenblut.


“We are pleased to welcome a new group of board members who bring further expertise and insight to our work and our ever-growing investment space.” said Jorge Rosenblut, Andina PLC´s Chairman.

The three new board members are:

Valeria Inés de Oliveira Cézar in the role of CEO and Executive Board Member.

María Fernanda Martínez in the role of Non-Executive Board Member.

Maria Inés Anchelerguez in the role of Company Secretary.

Andina PLC is moving forward, improving the value of its legacy investments and transitioning them to the smart energy realm. We are convinced, our Board and the management team are fully committed to improving performance during this transformational period on a solid path to increase shareholders value.


Andina is a company focused on the development & operation of renewable energy projects, generation plants and distribution of electricity energy and regulated public services.

Energy is its core business, it produces 150 GWh of renewable hydro energy, it distributes energy to almost 3.6 million customers and it develops renewable energy projects throughout Argentina.

In a future characterized by the expansion of electrification, Andina is committed to developing and managing sustainable infrastructure solutions to help people use and manage energy more efficiently, focusing on the incorporation of technological advance and innovative solutions to make energy more reliable and affordable.

Mission: To provide sustainable, reliable and affordable energy through renewable sources and smart grids and support its customers into the new role dwellings have and will have in the pandemic and post- pandemic world.

Values: To always act in a competent and honest manner in order to be trusted. To devote its energy responsibly to serve people’s needs and to anticipate future opportunities through innovation and proactivity.